Some of the things I've learned after 27 years in practice

There is only Consciousness

The physicists, philosophers, and ancient Chinese physicians were all right: there is only energy, and energy is shaped and controlled by the mind. In philosophy there is only Consciousness. In religion, there is only God: God is everywhere and hence is everything in the Universe. In physics, there is only information, and information determines the configuration of energy and matter. In medicine, this means that the mind is an energy field that controls the physical structures of the brain, nervous system and body

Emotions Cause Disease

It's not rocket science (and I used to be a rocket scientist). In Chinese Medicine the primary cause of disease is imbalances in our emotional states. Basically, when we hold on to emotions it distorts our thinking. This causes us to waste energy on unproductive thoughts. It also distorts how the nervous system regulates the body. We all know this is true: When you are upset you feel it in your body. After 5000 years in practice, the Chinese have figured out which emotions affect which parts of the body.

Change Energy to Change Mind

Most of our mind is subconscious. That's why advice usually doesn't work very well. Example: when people worry too much, it weakens the acupuncture meridian that governs the Spleen and pancreas. When the Spleen meridian is weak, the person tends to worry more - at a subconscious level. That weakens their Spleen further, which makes them worry more. Telling someone not to worry just makes them worry about why they worry. Balancing the energy of their Spleen meridian helps them stop worrying.

Understanding energy makes lots of things simpler

Chronic Fatigue Means Stuck Emotions

Okay, I know that's a challenging statement. But if you don't have energy, it's either because you aren't making enough (weak digestion) or you are spending energy too much energy. The biggest source of stagnation and inefficiency in our digestion is stuck emotions, keeping us from getting all the nutrients and energy out of our food. And when we think about our emotions rather then expressing and releasing them, we waste tons of energy on unproductive thoughts. This pattern has to be shifted at a subconscious, energetic level to produce true change.

ADHD Means That You're Tired

If Qi(Energy) deficiency wasn't part of ADHD, why is speed the primary medication given to cover up the symptoms? Caffeine and amphetamines convince our body to use stored energy, they don't give the body more energy. It takes Yang Qi/Energy to help the mind focus. And it takes Yin Qi/Energy to keep the mind from being restless or distractible. If you take medication, you need to take it forever. If you balance your energy you can be naturally focused. Lasting change is possible through energy work, diet and exercise.

Accunect Healing - What Works Made Simple

AccunectLogoBlueVertical20150505I developed the Accunect Healing System with my wife and partner Sarah Simonis out of our combined experience in Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Massage, Applied Kinesiology, Manual Therapy, Meditation, Herbology, BodyTalk, NeuroLink, and Life Coaching. I've been in practice for 27 years using a wide assortment of therapies and tools, and Sarah has been studying Mind/Body healing for nearly as long. I was a Senior Instructor and Vice President of the International BodyTalk Association for many years, but we both thought we could and should create a system that that was more powerful AND easier to learn. The result is system powerful enough to be used by doctors and easy enough to be learned by kids - I've had children as young as 11 years old take Accunect.

Transformational Seminars

I've been teaching internationally for 15 years and have taught over 5000 students in ten countries. I've taught Accunect in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States. People come to Accunect seminars to experience their connection to Universal/God consciousness, and to heal themselves. You also learn to do Accunect energy balancing, and people are able to use Accunect to do healing sessions immediately after the course.

Private Healing Sessions

I do Accunect healing sessions with clients all over the world. I see some clients in person in my London clinic, but most I see most of my clients over Skype or by phone. People come to me for everything you can imagine: headaches, back pain, allergies, food sensitivity, insomnia, infertility, cancer, chronic fatigue, ADHD, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, relationship issues, athletic performance, and learning disorders. I spend an hour for each session so that I can really get to know the whole picture of what is going on with them and do a thorough energy balancing.