Purpose First – Holiday Edition

I announced a series on addictions in October, but I called it Purpose First.

It was popular and helpful, and a lot of people asked for some more support during the holidays (aka season of maximum temptation), hence the Purpose First – Holiday Edition title of the current series.

Why the rebranding (Addictions vs Purpose) you ask? A case of overzealous euphemisms? Cultural fascination with political correctness finally infected my brain?

Neither really, I just like to focus on the positive rather than than the negative.

When we adopt a label, a large part of our mind and nervous system starts believing it and then that mindset maintains the problem physiology and behavior to fit in with the problem label. Ever hear of the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy?


It all started for me this summer, when I faced up to the fact that my family history of diabetes was finally catching up with me – my blood sugars were rising above high normal, above pre-diabetic, and into low diabetic ranges. Time for a change. Two obvious things presented themselves: I eat too many carbs, and I drink alcohol too often to be good for my metabolism.

But I’m not a drunk, and I don’t see the need to spend every evening for the rest of my life going to meetings and labeling myself with a disease. I have life, and a purpose, and I just need to focus more on that and less on the sugar, carbs, and alcohol.

But when I’m out of balance, I also waste more time on the internet or playing games than I should. And it turns out there are common chemical and energetic imbalances between sugar, alcohol, substance and internet addictions. So I decided to focus on purpose over addictions in general rather than try to focus just on diet and substances.

Results So Far

I lost almost 4kg (about 7 pounds, a little over half a stone) during the first three call series. Several other participants noted similar weight loss experiences.

One participant managed to break a Candy Crush video game addiction (an absurdly insidious and addictive game that you can play on your phone and hence everywhere). I have dramatically reduced the amount of time I waste on playing Solitaire on my computer as well.

My taste for beer has almost gone away, total alcohol consumption is way down, with only a little dry wine now, and much less frequently.

Many participants reporting overall better focus on tasks, and less time spent on distractions that in the end only frustrate us because we know we wasted time rather than moving forward.

And my blood sugar is trending down and more stable. Not perfect, but it took me a long time to mess it up, so I really need to walk a straighter path for a long time, not just a week or two. Hence the ongoing energy medicine support. And it turns out that other people are also appreciating the support in this area as well – almost a third of the population is either diabetic or prediabetic.

Purpose First Holiday Edition

The holidays test us in many ways. There are more opportunities and invitations to over-indulge in sweets and alcohol. And culture and advertising in general leads us towards unrealistic expectations of doing everything, for everyone, and perfectly. The ensuing blood sugar imbalances and frustrated perfectionism induced depression feed all manner of addictions and distractions.

So by popular demand, I decided to revisit the Purpose First topic for the holiday season.

Sundays at 10pm London time

  • November 19th (already happened, but replay is available)
  • December 3rd
  • December 17th

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Each call includes a bit of lecture on the relevant physiology and spiritual and energetic meridian connections, a little question and answer time, and then an Accunect balancing to help everyone be more alignment with the goals and purpose and more able to resist temptation and distraction.

Missed the First Series?

The first Purpose First series ran in October and November, and all the calls and energy balancing sessions are available as a replay.

Many participants can’t make the live calls, yet still find great results by listening and watching to the video replays and receiving the balancing that way. It’s still really powerful.

So if you missed the first series, here’s a link to the blog post announcing the first series and a link to purchase the first series available immediately as replays:

Previous post announcing the first series here

Purchase the first Purpose First series of three calls

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