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Purpose First – March Tune-Up

February 28, 2018

Audio Recording of this post is below if you like to listen, or listen while you read.

I launched a Journey Home series called Purpose First back in October – it was about overcoming addictions and distractions to leave more Qi/Energy/Life Force to pursue purpose and destiny. The idea was whether the distraction was too much sugar, too much alcohol, or just too much time spent on video games and internet surfing that there are energy imbalances in common with all of these time and Qi wasting habits that keep us in a cyclic pattern of doing too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right things.

It worked. Myself and others ate better, lost weight, and had more focus on useful projects. Some people managed to quit video game addictions that kept them glued to their smartphone for too many hours of the day.

By popular request, I repeated the series in November to provide extra support during the holiday temptation season – I creatively called it Purpose First Holiday Edition. In the end I lost about 14 Kg (roughly two stone or 30 pounds).

After a year of the Journey Home calls, I decided that some topics should have a monthly maintenance webinar to keep the energy going, and that Purpose First was a great candidate topic to revisit regularly.

I meant to do this earlier, but better late than never. I’m still maintaining my weight loss, but I’m at a plateau. And I’m noticing that my old pattern of eating carbs or drinking alcohol as a stress response is slowly increasing again.

I just had another birthday. And I really want this to be the year that I change this pattern for good in my life. I’m trying to change long term habits here, and I’m finding the group healing calls are good for me and others, so I’m officially launching a monthly maintenance call for keeping Purpose First.

All of this is to say that the Purpose First March Tune-Up call will be Thursday, March 1st at 10pm London time. Please join me. I plan on doing one of these once a month, so it’s just this call on it’s own – only $29 USD.

Sign me up for Purpose First March Tune-up

Don’t worry if you didn’t do the first Purpose First calls. You can join in on just this call and get a healing for staying on track with your life journey. Just sign up and you’ll get an email with instructions on how to login and access the video call.

If you want to read more about the Purpose First series, here’s the link to the first blog post about it.

And the the Holiday Edition post is here

Can’t Make the Call Time? No Worries

A replay will be available the day after the call.

The previous 2 series are still available for instant replay as well – see links in the blog posts above to purchase those series.

Or just signup for the March update and join me this week to start March off with more focus.

More purpose. Less pudding, popcorn, perfectionism, pilsner, and pac-man.

Sign me up for Purpose First March Tune-up


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