About Me

I practice and teach Accunect®, which I like to describe as Life Care.

I call it Life Care because so often what comes up is that the source of the persons physical or mental distress boils down to accumulated emotions that the person hasn’t been able to express. This isn’t a new idea – in Chinese Medicine emotions have been considered one of the primary causes of disease for thousands of years. What I’ve found is a better way to help people release those emotions and the beliefs that get in the way of expressing them. I do this not through counseling, but by balancing people’s energy using Accunect. The physical symptoms get better – pain goes away, digestion improves, sleep becomes more restful, energy and vitality return, and the immune system starts to work the way it was meant to.

More importantly, people’s lives improve. They feel more open, more able to express themselves, and more willing to try new things and take on new challenges. That’s the gold. Getting symptoms to go away is important, especially when you do it naturally instead of taking pain-killers. But enjoying your life more fully is why we’re here. My chiropractor when I lived in Hawaii, Rhody Edwards, often said “How much vitality you are entitled to is up to God. What gets in the way of you and that vitality is my business.” Ditto. My job is to help people rediscover their true self and realize all the life-force or Qi that God intended them to have. That’s why I call it Life Care.

My licensure is as an acupuncture physician and massage therapist, but I don’t actually do those things anymore. I practice a form of energy healing called Accunect that I co-developed with my wife, Sarah Simonis. Accunect doesn’t involve touch – or even having to be in the same room as the person. It uses intuitive tools to discover ways in which the body’s energy system has gotten out of balance. And then refocuses the persons awareness at a conscious and subconscious level on those areas. And then the body heals itself. It is actually that simple.

There’s a ton of science behind Accunect and how I work. And I’ve put some of the scientific background in my courses. But if I focus too much on the science, people get lost in the details and miss the real point. Here’s the short version of how it works:

  • Your mind and your sense of who you are and your beliefs about why you are here is what rules your thoughts.
  • Your thoughts affect your nervous system.
  • Your nervous system controls your body and whether or not it is self-regulating and healing itself.
  • All true healing has to start with shifting the mind and the your beliefs.

So after three rounds of college, lots of different jobs and life experience, and after practicing Chinese Medicine for 27 years on tens of thousands of patients, I’ve given up on all the fancy labels – this is what I do:

I’m a spiritual healer.

I help people heal their mind and body on all levels.

I help people with their limiting beliefs about themselves and how those thoughts are held in their body’s energy field.

I help people heal their life and their body at the same time because they are connected.

I teach other people to do spiritual healing, because it’s easy to learn, and a lot of people need spiritual healing – way more than I can reach by myself.

I’m in the miracle business.

I practice Accunect.

I didn’t start out that way. I was raised by two PhD chemists, and I had an honors degree in Computer Science and I spent the first thirty years of my life believing that western medicine had all the answers. It was a gradual awakening for me that I should cast the net wider if I really wanted to understand the body and mind.

Since I was a young boy I’ve been curious about the brain and how our body and our thoughts are connected. But nothing that I read about the brain suggested to me that neuroscience had any good answers about where thoughts come from or the nature of intelligence. So my first degree was in Information and Computer Science. I undertook that degree because I thought maybe studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) would give me some insights into how thinking occurs. Plus I figured it was an easy field to get a job in. And I worked in that field for 7 years, with my last job being a project to put AI technology on the Space Station. It was very interesting work at an interesting company with lots of super talented people, tons of resources, and a very flexible working environment. On paper it was perfect. And I hated it. I had to do something else.

I had become fascinated with Chinese Medicine by seeing that it worked. Coming from a left-brained upbringing, Chinese Medicine was totally illogical to my western mind. I was like, “How can Wood be an element of the body?!!!” and “How can there possibly Wind in the body??!!” But from personal experience with a family member, I knew that acupuncture could work in cases where western medicine was completely stumped. So I studied Shiatsu-Anma acupressure massage and became a massage therapist. Then I studied acupuncture and herbs and practiced that. Then I studied manual therapy techniques, including Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Muscle Energy technique, Positional Release technique, and lymphatic drainage. It all worked, it all helped. Then I studied several different kinds of applied kinesiology and related systems.

I studied Neurolink in the 90’s and was fascinated by the idea that you could correct many health issues simply by stimulating the brain to have a fresh look at a part of the body and hence restoring better neurological connection. I then studied BodyTalk, which was a further evolution of the basic ideas and techniques of Neurolink. BodyTalk was easier and faster to do and more powerful. I decided to teach BodyTalk and it was a primary tool for me in practice until I developed the Accunect system.  I was an Advanced Senior BodyTalk Instructor, also serving as Vice President of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) and lectured at biannual IBA conferences in 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009.  I also presented research on distance sessions at the ISSSEEM conference in 2010 that was the result of joint research with the Center for Biofield Sciences.

I traveling regularly to teach courses, and maintain a part-time practice of private consultations  in person and over Skype.

I lived for many years in Hawaii, where I was given the nickname Ka’imi. Suitably, Ka’imi refers to one who seeks truth and has traveled far from home. I now live with my family in London, UK.

In my private practice I deal with clients who seek help with a diverse range of problems. Some come with serious or life-threatening illness such as cancer or auto-immune disease. Some come because they have chronic digestive problems, insomnia, or chronic fatigue. Others are having trouble with a difficult life transition or spiritual issue.

I’m available for private sessions by distance over Skype or phone, and I sees clients in person by appointment only in my London clinic.

For further details, please contact office@futuremedicinetoday.com

To book an appointment, please use my online calendar