Sharpening the Saw

I’ve been really following my own advice in the last month, and I can only say that I wish I’d listened to myself sooner!

I started eating less carbs a year ago when I realized that my blood sugar was creeping up to worrisome levels. I have a family history of diabetes so that was a wake-up call. I lost some weight, and got my blood sugar levels down to less worrisome levels – but still higher than normal range. I got to a plateau about 10 kg less than my weight this time last year and I wasn’t making any further progress. I was eating a lot less carbs most of the time, but still made to many exceptions due to habit or trying to blend in with what other people were eating.

I wanted to keep going and lose more weight and get my blood sugar normal so I’ve been raising it to awareness in my regular Accunect sessions lately (I receive Accunect twice a month, which just seems about right for me). And it’s opened up a deeper commitment to really commit to my health, for myself, my family, and my mission.

So I started doing a lot more of everything I know about Chinese Medicine and dietary principles to regulate my Qi (life force energy). Like all the stuff I might tell a client to do if they show an interest in making dietary changes and lifestyle changes. My goal was to lose weight, get healthier and heal my blood sugar levels.

I like this!

Here’s the best thing: my mental clarity has really improved dramatically. I’m becoming more productive and more organized with my work, which is really helpful. But the coolest thing is waking up with a really clear head and thinking “Hey! I like this! I like life! I want to feel like this all the time.

I’m in. Please sign me up for Getting Clear

It’s also worked for the physical stuff. My blood sugar is now testing in the normal range reasonably often, and is staying within a much more reasonable range the rest of the time. I’ve lost more weight, and I’ve tightened up my belt two notches. I went to the local theme park with my son recently and I was able to bring the safety bar down on our favorite rollercoaster  without having to lift my belly over it first (talk about embarrassing).

There’s an old saying that if you want to work more productively you need to “sharpen the saw” periodically to make sure you are not just sweating away, that you are actually accomplishing effective work for the energy expended – you can saw wood a lot faster with less effort with a sharp saw than a dull one.

We use our mind for everything in our life, so why not keep it sharp?

So even though my goal was to lose weight and regulate insulin/sugar metabolism, I fixed my brain. Which makes sense when you think about it:

  • In Chinese Medicine the Spleen/Pancreas meridian also controls our ability to focus on tasks, and to be able to think clearly about each task – and which tasks are important.
  • I was eating to strengthen the Qi/Energy in the Spleen/Pancreas meridian, as that plays a huge role in regulating our digestive strength AND our blood sugar regulation because it has such a strong influence of pancreas function.

It’s only natural that in my quest to fix my pancreas and sugar regulation that I ended up improving brain and mind function as well. They’re connected so it really makes sense.

I’ve coached clients with ADHD through making these changes to synergize the Accunect balancing sessions and they’ve been able to come off their medication. I’ve coached other clients with persistent “brain fog” and poor digestion back to mental and physical health with Accunect healing and dietary changes.

Why did I not do this for myself? Why not help more people to get clear?

I’m in. Please sign me up for Getting Clear

New Journey Home Series – Getting Clear

All of which is to say that I’m launching a new Journey Home series on improving mental clarity, starting on Sunday, August 19 at 10pm London time.

I’m going beyond the format of a little education plus a balancing to creating more of an complete overall program for improving wellness and potential. I think what I’ve been offering has been really powerful, but I think I can offer more to more people in a new format.

I’ve been studying various methods and trends of presenting online courses and I’m reorganizing how I present online material on my website. I really think it will work better for everyone.

I’m still going to do 3 live webinar calls that give you a chance to ask questions and be part of the energy healing live (and all calls will be recorded for replay as always).

But I’m going to post some of the lecture material in advance so that you can have a chance to listen to it and process it before the webinar. And when I post the replays of the live calls, I’ll post the balancing recording separate from the Q & A section to make it easy to re-listen to just the part you are looking for.

This will allow the material in the course to be available in more bite size chunks – I’m planning more material than in the past, but the different topics will be more organized into well-defined modules, so you can just watch part of it again without having to listen to an hour lecture. That way you can just listen to one part of the lecture, or listen to the questions and answers, or just listen to the balancing again to take the shift deeper.

So this Journey Home series will consist of:

  • 3 Q&A calls with Accunect sessions
    • August 19, Sep 2, Sep 16 all at 10pm London time.
    • All Q&A sessions and Healing Session will be recorded
    • Replays to be posted the next day
  • Recorded lectures
    • Intro
    • Not too sweet
    • Not too Cold
    • Not too old
    • Coffee
    • Exercise
    • Breakfast
  • E-book on Chinese Medicine Diet Made Simple

To support the recorded material, I’m including the first draft version of a book on Chinese Medicine Dietary Principles Made Simple – How to Use the Wisdom of the Ancients to Boost Your Qi and Sharpen Your Mind. This will be a short e-book that you can download. I’m trying to make it complete enough to be useful, but still short and concise that people can actually use the information easily.

It’s more material than I have been giving, and part of me wants to charge a lot more. But it’s a new format and I really want to see how it works for people and to get your feedback so I can keep improving how I provide service.

So the price is just $97, including the additional lectures and the e-book on diet.

I think it’s great for everyone – unless you already have more energy and clarity than you know what to do with. For people with either mental or physical fatigue it will really help them towards recovery of health on all levels. Improve memory, increase mental sharpness, and enjoy life.

I’m in. Please sign me up for Getting Clear





Bending over Backwards

I've decided to to a video only blog post - instead of having an article with an audio recording - I hope you like it.

Here's the dates for the Back Pain Series

Wednesdays April 11, April 25, May 9, all at 10pm London time

Each call includes information on the energetic and spiritual aspects of back pain, as well as an Accunect energy healing session for the group.

Can't make the live call? No worries, it will be recorded so you can watch later - or watch it again for another balancing to take it deeper.

Only $90 for all three sessions, which is only $30 each.


Purpose First – March Tune-Up

Audio Recording of this post is below if you like to listen, or listen while you read.

I launched a Journey Home series called Purpose First back in October – it was about overcoming addictions and distractions to leave more Qi/Energy/Life Force to pursue purpose and destiny. The idea was whether the distraction was too much sugar, too much alcohol, or just too much time spent on video games and internet surfing that there are energy imbalances in common with all of these time and Qi wasting habits that keep us in a cyclic pattern of doing too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right things.

It worked. Myself and others ate better, lost weight, and had more focus on useful projects. Some people managed to quit video game addictions that kept them glued to their smartphone for too many hours of the day.

By popular request, I repeated the series in November to provide extra support during the holiday temptation season – I creatively called it Purpose First Holiday Edition. In the end I lost about 14 Kg (roughly two stone or 30 pounds).

After a year of the Journey Home calls, I decided that some topics should have a monthly maintenance webinar to keep the energy going, and that Purpose First was a great candidate topic to revisit regularly.

I meant to do this earlier, but better late than never. I’m still maintaining my weight loss, but I’m at a plateau. And I’m noticing that my old pattern of eating carbs or drinking alcohol as a stress response is slowly increasing again.

I just had another birthday. And I really want this to be the year that I change this pattern for good in my life. I’m trying to change long term habits here, and I’m finding the group healing calls are good for me and others, so I’m officially launching a monthly maintenance call for keeping Purpose First.

All of this is to say that the Purpose First March Tune-Up call will be Thursday, March 1st at 10pm London time. Please join me. I plan on doing one of these once a month, so it’s just this call on it’s own – only $29 USD.

Sign me up for Purpose First March Tune-up

Don’t worry if you didn’t do the first Purpose First calls. You can join in on just this call and get a healing for staying on track with your life journey. Just sign up and you’ll get an email with instructions on how to login and access the video call.

If you want to read more about the Purpose First series, here’s the link to the first blog post about it.

And the the Holiday Edition post is here

Can’t Make the Call Time? No Worries

A replay will be available the day after the call.

The previous 2 series are still available for instant replay as well – see links in the blog posts above to purchase those series.

Or just signup for the March update and join me this week to start March off with more focus.

More purpose. Less pudding, popcorn, perfectionism, pilsner, and pac-man.

Sign me up for Purpose First March Tune-up



Abundance: I’m worth it. Are you?

Like to listen? Click below for audio of this post:

I had a great time doing the Journey Home healing webinar series in 2017, and I thought we had some great topics – supporting healthier habits to make new years resolutions last, strengthening digestion to build Qi/Energy, overcoming adrenal fatigue, overcoming addictions and distractions so that there was more energy available to focus on positive purpose.

I got a lot out of the Journey Home calls in 2017, and had great feedback from participants. Personally, I’ve gotten more control over my diet and I exercise more regularly. I’m beginning 2018 about 2 stone lighter that I began 2017 (about 30 lbs/14 kg). I’m not counting calories, and I’m not pushing myself to sweat, I’ve just developed different eating habits and I’m walking more and riding my bike more. That’s important because something that takes loads of motivation and discipline can’t last. I’m different inside, that’s what’s making it work. This is why I believe in energy balancing for life shifts – our beliefs and programming run in our subconscious. We can’t shift our subconscious through words alone, but we can shift those beliefs by shifting the energy state of our body. That’s what sets up lasting change.

The natural next step seems to be abundance, in all aspects. Having more energy from stronger digestion and healthier habits is great but to really enjoy that energy it should be applied somewhere. Getting what you want out of life seems like a great place to begin 2018.

What does abundance mean?

The first thing that comes to mind is financial abundance, and that’s something a lot of people want. And why not? It can bring more ease to your lifestyle, relieve financial pressure from monthly bills, allow savings for retirement planning, and increase travel opportunities for a start.

Financial abundance can also bring freedom. Freedom is about making choices and taking actions that you want to take. Having more financial resources makes more choices available and that’s more freedom.

Personally, I would love to be more efficient at earning so that I can have more freedom to spend time with my son. He’s ten now and still thinks I’m cool and worth being around – I want to enjoy this time as much as can. Who knows if I’ll still be cool when he’s a teenager.

I’d also like more time with my wife to nurture that relationship and more time together as a family as well.

Professionally, more financial abundance would allow us to hire more admin support for promoting the Accunect healing system, and more money for marketing. Accunect is a gift. We feel we received it rather than developed it and making it accessible to the world is our mission.

So why don’t I have more abundance?

I’ve got lots of skills and lots of education. I graduated top of my class from university and from medical school. I’ve had amazing teachers. I’ve got a broad base of skills in computers, websites, digital marketing. I write quickly, and I’m comfortable with public speaking. I get great results in my healing sessions, and people enjoy my teaching style.

It’s not that I’m unsuccessful. But I feel like I could be more successful, given my talent, education, and experience. And if I was more successful, it would benefit me and my family to be sure. But since our business is really about promoting Accunect which is an amazing system for healing, success in our business really comes from more healing in the world. How cool is that?

Truth is, I think I’m still working against childhood programming that you should work hard to get ahead. Success is 90% perspiration is a value I heard a lot growing up. I just wasn’t raised to think that I was one of those people who could work smart, rather than hard. There’s lots of other beliefs that prevent abundance as well, and we’ll try to shift as many of those beliefs as we can during this series.

The real future of Accunect is to have lots of instructors teaching around the world, not me travelling constantly to be the only teacher. We’ve got some instructors now, but we want to have a lot more. That would be working smart, and sharing the joy of teaching and learning Accunect with more people.

It’s one thing to know in my conscious mind that I probably have self-worth issues about working smart and manifesting with ease. It’s another to clear the subconscious beliefs that block me from living that fully, and to clear them on an energetic level so that the changes last. I’ve worked on this issue before, but I feel more ready than ever to make a bigger shift.

If you feel like you are not living up to your potential, then join me in this next series.

The Journey Home

All healing is a journey home to the Heart where we find our true self. The universe gave me gifts that I am not fully using, and unlocking those gifts is an act of gratitude back to the universe. These group healing calls help everyone come together to join in on a journey of healing and to discover our true nature and to acknowledge our true gifts.

I want to be able to ask the universe to help me create more healing in the world, and to ask to be taken care of with enough ease that can I focus on making that happen without being distracted by limited finances. I want to ask the universe to help me accomplish my goals in a way that allows me more time with family. I want to clear my limiting beliefs that keep me small at the deepest level. It’s time for a Journey Home to enjoying the gift of life in abundance.

If you want to live life more fully, have more abundance in finances, freedom, and life enjoyment, please join me.

This series will be three calls, starting on Thursday Jan 18 at 10pm London time. Additional calls will be Sunday Jan 28th, and Sunday Feb 11th, also at 10pm London time. All calls will be recorded for replay if you can’t make the calls live.

As always I will discuss some of the energetic correspondences for self-worth and manifesting ability in the acupuncture meridians and then do an Accunect balancing for the group to shift our energy.

All three calls are $90 USD. Which is only $30 each for session and is a powerful way to start the New Year. If you sign up by the end of Monday (Jan 15), I’ll reduce the price to $75.

Sign up here: Journey Home Abundance




Purpose First – Holiday Edition

I announced a series on addictions in October, but I called it Purpose First.

It was popular and helpful, and a lot of people asked for some more support during the holidays (aka season of maximum temptation), hence the Purpose First – Holiday Edition title of the current series.

Why the rebranding (Addictions vs Purpose) you ask? A case of overzealous euphemisms? Cultural fascination with political correctness finally infected my brain?

Neither really, I just like to focus on the positive rather than than the negative.

When we adopt a label, a large part of our mind and nervous system starts believing it and then that mindset maintains the problem physiology and behavior to fit in with the problem label. Ever hear of the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy?


It all started for me this summer, when I faced up to the fact that my family history of diabetes was finally catching up with me – my blood sugars were rising above high normal, above pre-diabetic, and into low diabetic ranges. Time for a change. Two obvious things presented themselves: I eat too many carbs, and I drink alcohol too often to be good for my metabolism.

But I’m not a drunk, and I don’t see the need to spend every evening for the rest of my life going to meetings and labeling myself with a disease. I have life, and a purpose, and I just need to focus more on that and less on the sugar, carbs, and alcohol.

But when I’m out of balance, I also waste more time on the internet or playing games than I should. And it turns out there are common chemical and energetic imbalances between sugar, alcohol, substance and internet addictions. So I decided to focus on purpose over addictions in general rather than try to focus just on diet and substances.

Results So Far

I lost almost 4kg (about 7 pounds, a little over half a stone) during the first three call series. Several other participants noted similar weight loss experiences.

One participant managed to break a Candy Crush video game addiction (an absurdly insidious and addictive game that you can play on your phone and hence everywhere). I have dramatically reduced the amount of time I waste on playing Solitaire on my computer as well.

My taste for beer has almost gone away, total alcohol consumption is way down, with only a little dry wine now, and much less frequently.

Many participants reporting overall better focus on tasks, and less time spent on distractions that in the end only frustrate us because we know we wasted time rather than moving forward.

And my blood sugar is trending down and more stable. Not perfect, but it took me a long time to mess it up, so I really need to walk a straighter path for a long time, not just a week or two. Hence the ongoing energy medicine support. And it turns out that other people are also appreciating the support in this area as well – almost a third of the population is either diabetic or prediabetic.

Purpose First Holiday Edition

The holidays test us in many ways. There are more opportunities and invitations to over-indulge in sweets and alcohol. And culture and advertising in general leads us towards unrealistic expectations of doing everything, for everyone, and perfectly. The ensuing blood sugar imbalances and frustrated perfectionism induced depression feed all manner of addictions and distractions.

So by popular demand, I decided to revisit the Purpose First topic for the holiday season.

Sundays at 10pm London time

  • November 19th (already happened, but replay is available)
  • December 3rd
  • December 17th

Sign Me Up for Purpose First Holiday Edition

Each call includes a bit of lecture on the relevant physiology and spiritual and energetic meridian connections, a little question and answer time, and then an Accunect balancing to help everyone be more alignment with the goals and purpose and more able to resist temptation and distraction.

Missed the First Series?

The first Purpose First series ran in October and November, and all the calls and energy balancing sessions are available as a replay.

Many participants can’t make the live calls, yet still find great results by listening and watching to the video replays and receiving the balancing that way. It’s still really powerful.

So if you missed the first series, here’s a link to the blog post announcing the first series and a link to purchase the first series available immediately as replays:

Previous post announcing the first series here

Purchase the first Purpose First series of three calls