Cancer Healing Weekly Support Program

You make cancer cells everyday - that's normal
Your immune system is supposed to attack them 
BEFORE they accumulate into a tumor - that's also normal

"Cancer is easy for the body" - Dr Lam Kong

Dr Kong was one of my teachers many years ago. He was a 10th generation acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

 He taught me how to support the body's immune system so that it can fight cancer naturally.

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Curing and Healing are Different

Medicine aims to cure cancer - to eliminate it from the body through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. This is can be very useful once cancer cells have proliferated - your body needs help to reduce the amount of malignant cells in the body. And to be clear - I never recommend going against the advice of your oncologist. I want to add to your cancer treatment program - I'm not trying to replace it.

If the treatment works you are pronounced cancer-free - for now. Then the 5 year waiting period to see if it comes back. You don't get to relax or have hope for five more years because that's how all the statistics work.

Western medical treatment of cancer has improved a lot but it still doesn't do anything to help you recover from the physical and emotional trauma of all the diagnosis and treatment. More importantly, it doesn't help you improve your immune system to reduce the chances of your cancer coming back.

Healing Cancer

If you really want to stack the odds against the cancer coming back you need to strengthen your immune system.

This means taking care of your health on all levels. Your immune system needs energy to do it's job and you need to:

  • Have enough energy to run your immune system
  • Be willing to spend that energy on yourself - instead of being too busy to worry about your own health.

No silver bullet

Your immune system is supposed to identify "weird" or malignant cells and target them for destruction everyday. If cells proliferate into a tumor, that means your immune system is out of balance. Making your immune system stronger means changing your mind to change your nervous system to communicate to your immune system that you are worth taking care of.

Good nutrition is important, but there really aren't any magic foods that will eliminate cure cancer. Good food supports your overall health and your immune system. And then your immune system targets the cancer.

There aren't any magic herbs or supplements either.  Herbs and supplements can support your energy, but they don't cure cancer.

The main thing you can do to support your immune system and synergize with your medical treatment or keep the cancer from coming back is to balance the functioning of your immune system.

And since your immune system is ruled by your mental state and your beliefs, this means changing how you think about yourself and take care of yourself.

I've helped many people recover from cancer. I help them manage their stress around cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment.

More importantly, I help them improve their immune function to help insure that the cancer doesn't come back. 

My patients feel positive about their life and their future right away - they don't need to wait 5 years.

Getting Support

I offer support in two ways:

The Healing Cancer Support Program - an ongoing weekly healing webinar with education about how to help your body optimize immune function so that it can address cancer naturally AND an Accunect healing session for the group.

Private sessions - personal consultations can be done via phone or Zoom video from anywhere in the world.

Deep change takes time - like peeling layers off an onion, so I recommend signing up for a series of private sessions, or to sign up for the weekly group healing webinar.

For best results do both!

My normal session price is $250 USD. If you commit to a package of 10 sessions, I take 30% off the regular price to make them only $175/session. If you commit to the 10 session package I'll include 3 months of the Healing Cancer support calls with your session package so that you can get the most benefit our of your healing sessions.

Click here to sign up for the 10 session package at 30% off

The Healing Cancer Support Program is an ongoing program of weekly healing webinars.

Each week I give a short lecture on a topic related to healing cancer - diet, lifestyle, healthy habits, shifting mindset to promote a healthy immune system, etc.

I then do an Accunect healing session for the group.

A weekly Accunect Healing Session with me is worth $1100 / month

Healing Cancer includes a weekly Accunect Healing Session for $97 / month

That's a savings of $1000 / month! Of course, the Healing Cancer Support Program includes group healing sessions, but in a survey of participants of my group healing calls 100% said they resonated strongly with the issues and balancing sessions in each call.

"The sessions seem to resonate with me like they are customized just for me! I often end up listening to the replay. I am amazed how often I listen to a balancing and then realize that my thinking has already shifted because of the balancing." 

Good things like developing new habits and beliefs to build a strong immune system take time. Subscribe for the year and save. 

Healing Cancer annual plan is only $897 / year - that's like getting 12 weeks free!

Again, as long as you are subscribed you have access to the Healing Cancer Support Program page with your login details. I’ll send out reminders every week, but you’ll just do the same thing every week: login and click the link to join that week’s call or click the recordings to watch the last 4 replays.

The calls are on Wednesdays at 9pm London time.

*Note: Once you subscribe, you will be automatically billed every month until you cancel. You can cancel at any time by emailing me at

For the annual plan it's just one payment and you will not be auto-charged for the next year - I'll contact you to renew in a year.

Because this is a recurring subscription, I can only accept major credit cards for payment. I'm not yet setup to do subscriptions using PayPal.

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