Journey Home Digestion Series

In the womb we get Qi or Energy from our mother. After we are born we have to get it from our food.  Inefficient digestion leads to depletion of life force and aging. By which I mean to say that it’s super important to have strong digestion if you want to have energy and vitality and enjoy life.

A lot of people have requested a series on digestion, and it’s a good topic to do before some other popular requests. Quite a few people want help with depression, but it takes Qi to be able to see a pathway towards resolving the issues that keep us feeling stuck.  Lots of people want help with adrenal exhaustion, which is another way of saying that we have exhausted our Qi reserves. Again, you have to be able to make Qi out of food before you can rebuild your reserves.

There’s always a mental or emotional issue involved with poor digestion in my experience. We have to be able to digest our life and all the emotions that go with it in order to digest our food. And to really receive the energy or Qi from our food we have to be willing to receive abundance from the world.

Poor digestion is more than indigestion and discomfort. Many neck issues and headaches have their roots in stagnant digestion, and many people are tired and malnourished in spite of eating a healthy diet.

Join me for an exploration and balancing of some of the common bodymindspirit imbalances that contribute to poor digestion and poor absorption.

The calls will be on Sundays: April 16, May 7, and May 28 all at 9pm London time.

  • 4pm Eastern
  • 3pm Central
  • 2pm Mountain
  • 1pm Pacific
  • 10am Hawaii

Mondays down under

  • 8am Auckland
  • 6am Sydney, Brisbane

If you can’t make the call live, replay will available shortly after the call.

You can join the webinar either by video conference or you can call in by phone in to listen

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