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This call aired in Sep 2016

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A lot of people have had a hard year. I know I have. If it was just the stress of moving to a new country it would be hard enough – rearranging all the logistics of your life is hard, difficult and time-consuming even if you’re an employee. But it also means rearranging how I run my business. And a host of other challenges, like relatives, family health issues, and so on that just magically happened at the same time. Yikes! The details don’t really matter, and dwelling on them and retelling them doesn’t really help, it just makes you (well, me in this case) more depressed.

Life happened, and I lost my mojo for a while. My productivity was way down, my clarity and mental focus was down, and it was hard to see a way forward. It made me depressed, and the longer it went on the more the need to “pull myself together” got more an more urgent. That urgency only made it worse and I struggled with depression. I had to work hard at getting my groove or my mojo back.  From my Chinese Medicine knowledge I knew that mental clarity and focus depended on having sufficient Qi/Energy to bring blood to the brain and to help it work efficiently. But I was wiped out. I was emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted, and it was hard to do the things I knew would help me. So I got a series of Accunect sessions to help me to regain my balance, AND to help me with being able to actually stick to the lifestyle changes that I knew would help me – but that I wasn’t doing on my own.

In talking with my friends and clients, it seems I’m not alone. Lots of people have had way too much on their plate this year.    If you feel like life has given you too much to deal with lately, and you’ve lost some of your energy, vitality, clarity, or confidence, this call is for you.  This call is about providing help for the question:

I’ve lost my groove and I’m in overwhelm. How can I get my mojo back?

When life piles up on us we can lose our focus, lose our rhythms, and lose our confidence.  Our sense of flow goes away, and along with it goes our energy, vigor, sense of belonging, or being desirable.  All our energy systems get out of balance, we feel down and depressed, and we usually stray from healthy lifestyle habits.  In small measures or large, we want to eat a bit more “comfort” food, maybe have an extra glass of wine. And we need more entertainment to distract us from our funk, so we spend more time in front of the screen – staying up late to watch movies or TV programs, or aimlessly surfing the internet.  It’s not really research if you read about ten different topics in as many minutes, you’re just hoping the next click will take you towards salvation – the magic website that will make it all better. (HINT: this is the page that will help, don’t click away before you sign up…)

All of the carbohydrates in the comfort food actually dull the mind – which makes you less able to focus, more distractible, and more wanting the short term sugar high of the next dose of carbs – sugar is incredibly addictive and it doesn’t take long before we’ve got the “sugar monkey” on our back.  And with our dulled senses, we are more likely to believe that because our particular brand of comfort food is “natural” or “organic” that somehow it  is healthy rather than dulling our brain and sapping our energy. Organic snack food from the health food store is still junk food that is toxic to our brains and no amount of protesting will change it – “But this arsenic is organic, is it still bad for me?”

All of the screen time in front of the computer or TV takes away time for exercise, and often cuts into sleep. It doesn’t help when we take our smartphone to bed either, because it’s too easy to say “I just want to look up one more thing” and then stay up later. Or it may be hard to fall asleep because you are wondering how you are going to get past this hard part. It all adds up: if you miss just one hour of sleep a night for a week your mental function degrades as much as having an alcoholic drink. And we all know that drinking only helps us forget our problems for a little while, it doesn’t solve them, because you can’t think straight when you’re drunk! If you don’t sleep, you are thinking as well as a slightly drunk person (as in not very well).

The extra screen time for distraction from our problems means we don’t exercise as much even though we need exercise to clear the stagnation more than ever. We end up lethargic, tired, and stagnant. Depression is feeling stuck in life, and when our mind gets stuck, our body gets stuck or stagnant.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before the combination of extra carbs and extra sitting takes it toll on our body and mind and we get into a rut – one that’s hard to get out of because our brain and body just aren’t working efficiently anymore.  And before too long you can probably add weight gain to the depression. Great. It’s bad enough being depressed and overwhelm, but seeing bad news on the bathroom scale is just the thing to help beat your already fragile self-esteem into the ground a bit further…

I know better, but I’m still doing the wrong things!

We all know how to eat better. Okay, nobody can agree on how to eat perfect and diet can be very confusing. But we all know we should eat more vegetables and less “empty” calories. But we don’t always do it, and we get worse at when we’re stressed. We know sleep is important, but it’s easier said than done to fix bad sleep habits, especially when we are stressed. My point is that intellectually knowing things you could do doesn’t help when your mind – and hence your brain and body – are out of balance.

What we need at this point is to balance our energy systems in order to be able to make better choices, to re-establish healthy habits, and to get our groove back. Advice just isn’t enough. After 27 years of working with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I’ve learned that when people think too much or worry too much, it creates an imbalance and a weakness in the Spleen meridian. When the Spleen is imbalanced or weak you tend to worry even more. The extra worry further weakens the Spleen, which makes you worry more again. And around the hamster wheel goes your energy and your mind.  I figured out in acupuncture school that telling someone with Deficient Spleen Qi not to worry only made things worse, but balancing and strengthening their Spleen Qi/Energy with acupuncture or herbs also helped to settle the mind.

This is where Accunect comes in.  Accunect balances all of the energy systems of the body. That helps the mind to be clear. It’s like doing a reset on the energy state so that the body and brain can support better mental function. Accunect also works with clearing old emotional energy states and beliefs so that we can escape reactive behavior and focus on solution based responses.

When life presents us with a challenge it’s an opportunity to grow. It’s a time when we need to take better care of ourselves. It should be a time when we “sharpen the saw” by balancing our emotions, clearing out beliefs that keep us from achieving on all levels, to make a deeper commitment to self-care and being our best. Getting depressed when facing a challenge is a natural part of life. Staying there means missing opportunities for growth.

Join me on Sunday the 11th to help find your own way past whatever challenge you are going through. You’ll learn and receive:

  • How Accunect helps people change their mental state
  • What’s happening when stress tips you into overwhelm
  • Why it’s not your fault and why you need help to get back on track
  • A group healing session to help you recover from accumulated stress so that you can move forward
  • There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t know how Accunect works. Can I still do this call/webinar?

Absolutely. This webinar if for people, no special training or understanding is required. You don’t have to know anything about Accunect, you don’t have to have received Accunect before. I’ll give a brief description of the basic principles behind what I am doing and how it can help at the beginning of the call.

What will the call/webinar be like?

I will spend a few minutes introducing the idea of Accunect balancing. In a nutshell, Accunect works by using intuitive techniques to identify areas where the mind could be more balanced or supervise the body more efficiently. Then the practitioner taps, typically off the body, to create an electrical stimulation to the brain and heart energy fields. This induces the nervous system and the acupuncture meridian system to reset their control over that area of the body. Because it is primarily an energy interaction, Accunect works equally well at a distance and I have been doing group healing sessions and distance sessions for many years.

I’ll then talk briefly about how to look at this week’s topic as a body-mind-spirit energy imbalance. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I think it is important to understand that what we think of as either physical or psychological problems can be seen as energy imbalances – this is what allows to understand how energy medicine can make a difference.

You’ll be able to submit questions using the chat window before or during the call and I’ll answer as many as I can.

Then I’ll do an Accunect energy balancing for the whole group that is on the call. This will typically be a number of balances and I’ll describe each one as I go through. As in individual sessions, some people are very sensitive and feel every balancing, and others experience more subtle changes. How much you feel during the session is unimportant as I have found that people see changes in their life even when the balancing session seems subtle.

The whole call will take a bit less than an hour.

How do I sign up?

Signup using the  button below. When you sign up, you will be directed to an external website that hosts the webinar and course materials. Once you pay on that site you will have access to the presentation material for the webinar instantly. You will also receive instructions on how and when to join the webinar session.

For more FAQ visit the Journey Home FAQ page.

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