Maximum Immunity and Cancer Support Program

Immune dysfunction underlies all of the diseases of aging, including what is arguably the scariest risk of getting older - cancer.

This call is targeted towards achieving maximum efficiency in the immune system.

  • It's appropriate for people with:
  • weakened immune systems
  • chronic fatigue
  • inflammatory conditions
  • auto-immune issues
  • digestive problems
  • cancer

Along with private sessions, it also forms part of my cancer support program.

"Cancer is easy for the body" - Dr Lam Kong

Dr Kong was one of my teachers many years ago. He was a 10th generation acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

He taught me how to support the body's immune system so that it can fight cancer naturally.

After practicing Chinese Medicine for over 30 years, I've seen with my own eyes that Dr Kong was right - cancer is easy for the body

Time and time again, I've had people come to me with bad news from their doctor that even with chemotherapy they don't have very long to live.

I use Accunect to balance their body and mind using Chinese Medicine principles and many insights from neuroscience, immunology, cognitive psychology and other fields to strengthen their immune system.

This allows their immune system to synergize with their medical treatments - and to make sure the cancer doesn't come back.

My patients tolerate the stress of cancer treatment better, have a higher quality of life, a longer life, and in many cases completely overcome the disease and become cancer free.

Healing Cancer Support Program

Personal Healing Sessions

I offer private healing sessions over Zoom or phone to clients worldwide

I offer discount of 33% when people commit to a package of ten sessions

I take an hour for each session so that I can really get to know you and your history and do a complete energy balancing using the Accunect healing system.

People need a lot of support with cancer and I strongly recommend doing both the weekly calls and personal sessions.

The ten session package includes three months of Maximum Immunity calls - that's a $291 added value.

Healing Cancer Webinar

I also offer a weekly support call for cancer patients, surviors, and people worried about cancer due to their family history.

I cover a range of topics including

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Lifestyle
  • Mindset

Mindset is huge - our emotional state influences our immune system directly and our ability to take care of ourselves

Every call also includes an Accunect healing session for the group.

What my patients and webinar participants say about this program:

"Dr. Ka'imi Pilipovich offers informational lectures, alongside transformative energy balancing sessions. The lectures helped me radically change my diet, exercise, and sleep behaviors, while the energy balancing provided instant relief from my symptoms and sustained my long-term healing. I can't recommend them enough!

The private sessions help heal my immediate symptoms and my relationship to my body and to the world in a sustained way. I leave every session feeling heard, empowered and joyful."

- Michelle Comstock

"The Healing Cancer support calls have encouraged me to claim my power by taking an active role in my healing process.

Ka'imi's lectures on recognizing and honoring my emotions have helped me grow on a spiritual level, which is reflected on the physical level of healing.

His easy to implement recommendations for life-style changes regarding sleep hygiene, diet, and exercise have supported me on my journey to renewed health."

- Jane Graff

Getting Support

You can subscribe monthly to the Maximum Immunity webinar for only $97 a month. That works out to only $22/week for coaching, advice, question and answer time, inspiration, motivation and a powerful healing session.

Calls are on Wednesdays at 4pm London (11am Eastern, 8am Pacific).

All calls are recorded and are posted the next day on our website - you have six weeks to listen to each replay.

Commit to your healing

Good things like developing new habits and beliefs to build a strong immune system take time. Subscribe for the year and save.

You can subscribe for a year for only $970. That's basically two months free

Best choice - private sessions plus bonus subscription to Maximum Immunity webinar

Change takes time - like peeling layers off an onion, so I strongly recommend signing up for package of 10 private sessions.

This maximizes your chances of really addressing your immune system at the deepest possible level.

My normal session price is $295 USD. If you commit to a package of 10 sessions, I take 33% off the regular price to make them only $199/session. 

If you commit to the 10 session package I'll include 3 months of the Maximum Immunity support calls with your session package so that you can get the most benefit out of your healing sessions.

The ten session package saves you over $1200 off my normal price

  • Ten sessions at regular price: $2950
  • Three months of Maximum Immunity: $291 (3 x $97/month)
  • Total value: $3241
  • Package price: $1990 - you save $1251

Why such a big discount?

Because I truly believe that if you commit to your healing that I can help you. I want you to commit to yourself and I'm willing to offer a discount to encourage you to heal at the deepest possible level.

I can't wave a magic wand and remove the cancer from your body. But I can help you to improve your immune system to make sure that the cancer doesn't come back. That kind of change takes time. You won't get the same results with just getting a session or two.

Here's what one of my patients said to me after becoming cancer free after Stage 4 bowel cancer:

"I want to keep coming for sessions. I now realize that to become a person without cancer I've had to become a new person - and I don't want that journey to end."

More feedback from my patients:

"My wife has noticed how much happier and more positive I am after each call, because of this I watch them several times. I often feel like the session is just for me.

You absolutely need to do this course!

I feel that the private sessions have made a huge difference for me.

As with the weekly group session my wife has noticed after each private session a marked difference in my energy and well being, and apparently my eyes light up and am more engaged with life. The sessions help me understand that my body has to be looked at at as a whole to understand the cause of my problems and how Accunect is an amazing tool to help me on my road to recovery."

- David Snashall

"I was introduced to this group shortly after being diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. My quest was to feel empowered in my healing choices and to increase my sense of hope and optimism about the healing ability of my body. However, getting a cancer diagnosis really threw me for a loop. I've always believed that our bodies have the wisdom and ability to heal. These calls are full of practical information about building your immune system via food, exercise, sleep, attitude, emotions,... I have shifted what and when I eat, am seriously working on getting better quality sleep and just bringing more joy into my life. I always resonate with the group healing sessions and many times it feels like it's tailored just for me. Dr. Kai'mi is knowledgeable and compassionate and I am so glad I joined this group.

Dr. Ka’imi has a gentle approach and I feel very comfortable talking to him. I highly recommend getting private sessions to supplement whatever other protocol you are using for your wellness journey."

- Debra Brandts

A Team Effort

I work alongside your medical treatment. I don't want to replace it.

I don't advise going against the recommendations of your oncologist. I want you to take advantage of all the help you can get.

Your oncologist aims to remove the cancer from your body using a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. That's their business.

What your oncologist doesn't address is why your immune system let cancer develop in the first place. That's my business.

If the treatment works you are cancer free - for now.

Then you are told that you can't relax for five years - because if the cancer is going to come back it usually comes back within five years.

The Healing Cancer Support Program helps to address why you got the cancer in the first place, and to restore balance to immune function.

This helps you to

  • Manage the side effects of cancer treatment
  • Synergize with your cancer treatment so that it is more effective
  • Prevent the cancer from coming back

The typical response from doctors after my patients complete their chemotherapy:

"Good news! The chemotherapy worked WAY better than we expected."

No silver bullet

Your immune system is supposed to identify "wrong" or malignant cells and target them for destruction everyday. If cells proliferate into a tumor, that means your immune system is out of balance. Making your immune system stronger means changing your mind to change your nervous system to communicate to your immune system that you are worth taking care of.

Good nutrition is important, but there really aren't any magic foods that will eliminate or cure cancer. Good food supports your overall health and your immune system. And then your immune system targets the cancer.

There aren't any magic herbs or supplements either.  Herbs and supplements can support your energy, but they don't cure cancer.

The main thing you can do to synergize with your medical treatment or keep the cancer from coming back is to balance the functioning of your immune system.

And since your immune system is ruled by your mental state and your beliefs, this means changing how you think about yourself and take care of yourself.

I've helped many people recover from cancer. I help them manage their stress around cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment.

More importantly, I help them improve their immune function to help insure that the cancer doesn't come back. 

My patients feel positive about their life and their future right away - they don't need to wait 5 years to see how well the conventional treatment worked.

As long as you are subscribed you have access to the Healing Cancer Support Program page with your login details. I’ll send out reminders every week, but you’ll just do the same thing every week: login and click the link to join that week’s call or click the recordings to watch the last 6 replays.

*Note: Once you subscribe, you will be automatically billed every month until you cancel. You can cancel at any time by emailing me at

For the annual plan it's just one payment and you will not be auto-charged for the next year - I'll contact you to renew in a year.

Because this is a recurring subscription, I can only accept major credit cards for payment. I'm not yet setup to do subscriptions using PayPal.

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