Healing is the Journey Home to the Heart

Dr Don Ka'imi Pilipovich

Module 1: Personal Development

Your energy field is very important. Who you are being is more important than what you know. Being your best in every session. Promoting self-confidence, self-assurance, and holding the space of possibility.

1.1 Introduction to Accunect Practitioner Development Program

This is the overview of the course. It talks about the outline of the course, and more importantly, the reasons and motivation for the course. This includes the vision for what Accunect is now, and a vision for the future, and how certification and listing serve those goals. You will get more out of the course by having an overview of how the pieces fit together.


1.2 Be Amazing

This is where we begin. What kind of energy are you bringing to the table? It doesn't really matter what else you do if you are not coming from a place of possibility. Are you ready for something to shift? Or stuck in looking for what's wrong.


1.3 I'm in the Miracle Business

The basic theme of this lecture is:

  • What is a miracle?
  • Why do some people see more miracles than others
  • How to stack the odds in favor of miracles


1.4 Three Steps to Getting Results

We can use Accunect along with life skills to improve our effectiveness in our practice - and in life. This lecture covers:

  • Accunect techniques to get results in any area
  • Build your practice
  • Increase your results with clients

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