Healing is a Journey Home from the Head to the Heart

Dr Don Ka'imi Pilipovich

Would you like to have more energy?

Would you like to feel younger? Stronger?

Most people think of healthcare when they have a problem

The highest level of practice in Chinese Medicine is to

Nourish Destiny

What we call aging is really that we are running low on Qi / Life Force

If you keep your body efficient you replenish your Qi and you can

Prolong Your Years Without Aging

  • Have more energy and focus
  • Feel younger, age gracefully
  • Keep growing and evolving
  • Achieve your dreams
  • Get wiser, not older
  • Nourish your Destiny

Most people think of Chinese Medicine as something you can do to relieve pain, which of course it can. First impressions matter, and for many in the west the first introduction to acupuncture was through President Nixon’s historic visit to China. The story that came out of that visit was that acupuncture could relieve pain. Of course it can, but acupuncture can also be used to address a full range of health issues including digestive issues, immune disorders, infertility, allergies, and more.

Chinese Medicine can be used as curative system to treat serious disease. It can also be used as a preventative system to address imbalances and weaknesses before they lead to serious disease.

But few people know about the ability of Chinese Medicine to promote health, slow aging, and encourage personal development and spiritual growth. In fact, the study of longevity and aging gracefully has been an integral part of Chinese Medicine theory for thousands of years.

The highest form of Chinese Medicine is to prolong the years without aging and to nourish destiny.

Prolonging the Years Without Aging

Some people age slower and some people age faster than others. The difference is in how well they conserve their Life Force or Kidney Qi. If you spend more money than you make every day you end up broke and borrowing money to make ends meet. If you spend more Qi than you make every day you end up tired and borrowing Qi from your reserves and you age faster. If you can keep your digestion and diet healthy enough to produce ample Qi every day, you won’t run out prematurely. If you can manage to lead a balanced lifestyle and not overwork or overstress you spend less Qi each day and you can conserve your Qi better and it lasts longer.

If you manage to do both – make abundant Qi and lead a balanced life – you can keep your Qi strong as you get older. And since Qi is what maintains and nourishes our body, more Qi means you can look and feel younger. More Qi means more vitality, stronger digestion, better sleep, more flexibility, better nourished (and hence softer and younger looking) skin. That’s prolonging the years without aging.

How can Chinese Medicine Nourish Destiny?

We are put here to grow. The process of growing and evolving should be lifelong for everyone. Some people will grow and achieve more than others or at least in a more obvious way. But we should all continue to grow in our understanding of ourselves and to develop our insight, wisdom and abilities throughout life.

It takes Qi to grow. It takes Qi to bring blood to the brain and give us the ability to focus on our tasks and engage in self care. When our Qi is strong we can embrace life and new challenges. 

If we aren't making enough Qi, or spending it to quickly, or not sleeping well we use up our reserves. And at the end of the day we are too tired to take care of ourselves properly let alone explore new projects. So we stay in old patterns because we don’t have the energy to try new things.

No Quick Fixes

Lots of health advice seems to focus on “magic bullet” kind of thinking. We’re bombarded with information touting some new superfood that will solve all of our problems. Or the perfect exercise routine to look good in a swimsuit by next month. These approaches make it sound like you only have to do one thing to get healthy. It’s really kind of crazy.

Any financial advisor would say that you shouldn’t count a some “get rich quick” scheme to solve all of your money issues all at once. That’s like buying a lottery ticket every week and calling it a retirement plan – it’s fantasy thinking. Instead you should develop your job skills so you can make more money AND work on budgeting strategies to make your money go further. If you do that, you can count on having a retirement fund. Buying lottery tickets is not a plan (unless you think you can count on a one in a billion chance as a sure thing).

Prolonging your life without aging so that you can nourish your destiny and have enough Qi to keep growing and having fun in retirement means getting better at life. Eating right and having strong digestion so you can make more Qi every day. And managing your emotions, your stress, and your lifestyle in order to budget your Qi wisely so that you have some left at the end of the day.

Wouldn't it be great to have a weekly support call where you got insights and advice from a healing tradition that has studied longevity and receive an energy healing session to support your life journey so that you can age gracefully, keep growing, and nourish your destiny?

I know that it’s what I want. I’ll be officially old (a senior citizen by any measure) by the time my son graduates secondary school and goes to university. And I’ve long believed that the secret to getting adult children to visit without resorting to guilt is to be having more fun than they are. Which means feeling young enough to be having more fun. I also know that I could do all of the things I’ll be talking about by myself, but I’m one of those people who likes to do things with a group. When I belong to a team I exercise a lot more frequently than when I don’t. And if I signup for personal training at the gym I actually go – it’s just more fun to have support and a team.

I’ve been doing occasional healing webinar topics on various topics for the last two years, and I enjoy and benefit from them as much as the participants do – it’s a win-win. So, for myself and anyone else who thinks weekly support would be awesome I’m offering an ongoing weekly healing webinar series:

Nourishing Destiny Weekly Support Calls

I'm committing to doing a weekly call for the rest of 2019. If all goes well I'll keep it going on a long term basis, or I may evolve the series into a different format for 2020.

Here's how it will work:

Each call will discuss a topic from the following:

  • Dietary advice from a Chinese Medicine perspective
  • Exercise, sleep habits or lifestyle advice based on Chinese Medicine
  • Or some insight into managing boundaries and emotions more effectively to conserve Qi 

And each call will include a group energy balancing to support overall health and to help the insights and advice integrate into our habits so that we keep making better choices.

To keep it simple for both myself to administer and for participants to join I’m setting it up as a monthly subscription. Once you subscribe, you will be automatically billed every month until you cancel. As long as you are subscribed you will have access to the weekly calls.

There will be a webpage for you to log into where the course materials will be:

  • Link to the next Zoom video call
  • Replay recordings of the previous four calls – if you miss a call live you’ll have four weeks to watch it on the replay
  • There will be a bit of reference material about diet and lifestyle posted from time to time which will stay permanently available.

Again, as long as you are subscribed you have access to the Nourishing Destiny page with the same login details. I’ll send out reminders every week, but you’ll just do the same thing every week: login and click the link to join that week’s call or click the recordings to watch the last 4 replays.

The calls are on Wednesdays at 10pm London time.

I sometimes teach seminars on weekends, so the Nourishing Destiny call is on Wednesdays so I'm always available for it.

I’m offering the Nourishing Destiny Weekly Support Calls for $97 a month.

That works out to about $23 a call. Which is an incredible value. And if you miss a call occasionally it still works out to a super good value. But I really want to create a weekly habit of supporting my journey - and yours. So let's create a group so that we support each other in our journey.

I may raise the price later for new participants, but if you sign up at the introductory price I’ll honor that price for the rest of the year.

I hope you will join me in making 2019 a year of Nourishing Destiny.

*Note: Once you subscribe, you will be automatically billed every month until you cancel. You can cancel at any time by emailing me at team@drkaimi.com

Because this is a recurring subscription, I can only accept major credit cards for payment. I'm not yet setup to do subscriptions using PayPal.

Charges will appear as being from Future Medicine Today.

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