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Healing Sessions

I offer distance healing sessions via phone or Zoom video to clients worldwide. To learn more about how I work and the kinds of conditions that I work with read more here


Accunect SelfCare

Accunect SelfCare is a half day course taught over Zoom video. You will learn the theory of how healing works and some basic yet powerful Accunect healing techniques that can you can do as a quick routine for improving and maintaining health on all levels for yourself and your family. Health empowerment in 3 minutes!

Go here to learn more and to join the next course.


Nourishing Destiny Webinars

If you are interested in improving your health on all levels to achieve vibrant health and reverse aging join me weekly healing webinar Nourishing Destiny


Healing Cancer Webinars

I work with many cancer patients to help them cope with the stress of cancer diagnosis and treatment. I also help them to build a stronger immune system so that they can increase their odds of eliminating cancer from their body long term.

To learn more go here.