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Welcome to my new blog.

I’ve just recently put together so that I can have a voice that is more personal than the blog that I write for Every time I read an article about anything to do with health, I find myself comparing the content of the article with my perspective on the issue based on my 27 years of studying and practicing Chinese Medicine. There’s just so many things where I find myself thinking that people should have access to a different or fuller perspective on the issue. Well that’s what I think when I’m relatively calm. There are some topics where I see so much pain and suffering arising out of ignorance that I get a little angry and find myself thinking “If you’re a doctor you’re supposed to keep up on your reading! This is so basic, how can anyone who is well read not know this?”

I’m entitled to my opinions, but some of them just aren’t really related to the theory and practice of Accunect, they’re just my opinions. So I hold back those topics from the blog. But on the off chance that anyone finds my opinions interesting, here is my new blog. I may experiment with turning on comments to see how well the spam filter in WordPress screens out robots posting ads. But until I decide to turn on comments, if you have a question or comment, or want me to post on a particular topic, just email me at

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Don Ka'imi Pilipovich

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