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  • February 12th, 2017 – Third Call
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It’s New Year’s, and that means it’s time for resolutions to do better. We promise ourself each year to eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight, pay off debts, get better organized, make more time for friends and family, etc. These are all great ideas. And yet less than a month into the whole idea of “New Year, New Me” more than two-thirds of people have abandoned all their well-intentioned promises. By the time spring comes, it’s almost everyone that has given up and gone back to business as usual.

Why Do We Keep Doing the Same Thing When It Obviously Doesn’t Work?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Why not do something different this year? Why not stack the odds in our favor for a change?  My first resolution for 2017 is to be smarter about my resolutions and to use what I know about bodymind energy connections to help me.

To begin 2017 right, I’m offering a free group healing webinar on New Year’s Day in order to help me and all of you to embrace a healthier new year by doing an Accunect group healing session with the intention of setting up our energy to be actually keep more of our New Year’s resolutions this year.

2016 was supposed to be a completion year to end old cycles and to put to bed old patterns. 2017 is a new beginning year and a time to expand by integrating what we have learned. Sounds good to me.

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The first call is free, but changing habits takes Qi/Energy and support so there’s a whole series of four calls. The first introductory call is free, the rest of the series is a package of three calls for $90.

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Keep reading for some of my thoughts on why we so often fail in our resolutions:

Winter is a Hard Time to Generate Willpower.

It takes willpower to create and maintain new habits. Once the habit is normal part of our routine, it becomes a reaction rather than an act of will, but until then we need to spend Qi to overcome our existing habits and sub-conscious reactive patterns. Willpower is dependent on Kidney Qi.  One of the functions of the Kidneys in Chinese medicine is to “House the Will.”  So if there is not enough Kidney Qi, there is not enough Kidney Will to make changes. So balancing and replenishing the Kidney Qi is important when trying to make new habits, otherwise we run out of Kidney Will/Qi before the habit is fully formed. And the cold of winter is hard on our Kidney Qi – which makes it a hard time to make new resolutions.

Psychologically, the New Year is a natural time to make new resolutions. Energetically, low Kidney Qi in winter makes it a hard time to keep new resolutions, so energy balancing can make a real difference in generating the Will to successfully develop new habits.

Holiday Treats Ruin Our Ability to Create New Rhythms

New habits mean establishing new rhythms. The only way to make exercise a regular part of the day is to make it a regular part of the day – which means that it has a regular time every day. Getting enough sleep means going to bed on time. Being able to avoid “Snaccidents” later in the day implies having healthy nourishment earlier in the day so the cravings don’t build up – that’s another rhythm.

The Spleen Qi controls our ability to have healthy rhythms in our bodies and in our lives. Eating sugar and refined carbohydrates seriously weakens our Spleen Qi. And for most of us it isn’t Christmas without lots of sweets. Chocolate is ubiquitous, and traditional holiday meals are loaded with starches and then followed by Christmas pudding, rich fruitcakes, and other decadent desserts. We end the year by ruining our Spleen Qi and hence ruining our ability to have healthy rhythms.

The dietary excesses of the holiday season inspire our resolutions to eat better and exercise more BUT those same excesses deplete our energy/Qi reserves making it harder than ever to stick to our new rhythms. Energy balancing can help to restore our Spleen Qi and our ability to create new habits.

I’m Not Sure I’m Worth It. Are You?

One of the big reasons we fail in our resolutions to do better is that we’re not sure that we get to be one of those people who get to have health and happiness. Self esteem and self worth issues play a big role in being able to commit to ourselves. But here’s the deal:

We’re perfect just as we are. We don’t need to do better to be better. We’re good enough just the way the Universe/God made us. When we accept that, we can do better because it’s more fun to be healthier and more successful – NOT because it makes us better.

This is where Accunect comes in.  Accunect balances all of the energy systems of the body. That helps the mind to be clear. It’s like doing a reset on the energy state so that the body and brain can support better mental function. Accunect also works with clearing old emotional energy states and beliefs so that we can escape reactive behavior and focus on solution based responses.

Join me on Sunday the 1st to help stack the odds for a healthier and more productive 2017:

Sign Me Up For the Free Call

The first call is free, but changing habits takes Qi/Energy so there’s a whole series of four calls. The first introductory call is free, the rest of the series is a package of three calls for $90.

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Free call:

  • Sunday, 1 January 2017 
  • 8pm London, 3pm East Coast, Noon West Coast
  • 7am Sydney, 9am Auckland (On Monday the 2nd down under)

Rest of series on 15 January, 12 February, 12 March

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t know how Accunect works. Can I still do this call/webinar?

Absolutely. This webinar if for people, no special training or understanding is required. You don’t have to know anything about Accunect, you don’t have to have received Accunect before. I’ll give a brief description of the basic principles behind what I am doing and how it can help at the beginning of the call.

What will the call/webinar be like?

I will spend a few minutes introducing the idea of Accunect balancing. In a nutshell, Accunect works by using intuitive techniques to identify areas where the mind could be more balanced or supervise the body more efficiently. Then the practitioner taps, typically off the body, to create an electrical stimulation to the brain and heart energy fields. This induces the nervous system and the acupuncture meridian system to reset their control over that area of the body. Because it is primarily an energy interaction, Accunect works equally well at a distance and I have been doing group healing sessions and distance sessions for many years.

I’ll then talk briefly about how to look at this week’s topic as a body-mind-spirit energy imbalance. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I think it is important to understand that what we think of as either physical or psychological problems can be seen as energy imbalances – this is what allows to understand how energy medicine can make a difference.

You’ll be able to submit questions using the chat window before or during the call and I’ll answer as many as I can.

Then I’ll do an Accunect energy balancing for the whole group that is on the call. This will typically be a number of balances and I’ll describe each one as I go through. As in individual sessions, some people are very sensitive and feel every balancing, and others experience more subtle changes. How much you feel during the session is unimportant as I have found that people see changes in their life even when the balancing session seems subtle.

The whole call will take a bit less than an hour.

How do I sign up?

Signup using the  button below. When you sign up, you will be directed to an external website that hosts the webinar and course materials. Once you pay on that site you will have access to the presentation material for the webinar instantly. You will also receive instructions on how and when to join the webinar session.

For more FAQ visit the Journey Home FAQ page.

Sign Me Up For the Free Call

The first call is free, but changing habits takes Qi/Energy so there’s a whole series of four calls. The first introductory call is free, the rest of the series is a package of three calls for $90.

I’m In. Sign Me Up For the Whole Series

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