Stacking the Odds for the New Year – For Free

It’s New Year’s, and that means it’s time for resolutions to do better. We promise ourself each year to eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight, pay off debts, get better organized, make more time for friends and family, etc. These are all great ideas. Except we almost never stick with it. Most of the us abandon these lofty promises with the first month, and almost everyone gives up by March.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Why not do something different this year? Why not stack the odds in our favor for a change?  My first resolution for 2017 is to be smarter about my resolutions and to use what I know about bodymind energy connections to help me.

To begin 2017 right, I’m offering a free group healing webinar on New Year’s Day in order to help me and all of you to embrace a healthier new year by doing an Accunect group healing session with the intention of setting up our energy to be actually keep more of our New Year’s resolutions this year.

I’ll follow up the free introductory call with a short series on the same topic to help keep us focused on a healthier and more successful 2017 during the first quarter of the year to increase the chances of actually creating new habits that last.

Sign up information for both the free call and the whole Healthy Habits series is on the Journey Home tab of the website.

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The first call is free, but changing habits takes Qi/Energy and support so there’s a whole series of four calls. The first introductory call is free, the rest of the series is a package of three calls for $90.

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I’ve done it the wrong way too many times. I’ve really gained an appreciation for the idea that our energy/Qi is limited this year. Too many changes and moves really took it out of me. I’ve always had a strong constitution and have relied on stamina and cleverness to overcome lack of discipline and good habits. This year life caught up with me and I’ve had to admit my limits: I’ve been taking steps to be more mindful about conserving my energy.

2016 was supposed to be a completion year to end old cycles and to put to bed old patterns. 2017 is a new beginning year and time to expand by integrating what we have learned. Sounds good to me. So here’s some of my thoughts on why we so often fail in our resolutions:

Winter is hard time to generate willpower.

It takes willpower to create and maintain new habits. Willpower comes from Kidney Qi: Low Kidney Qi, low willpower. Winter is hard on our Kidney Qi – which makes it a hard time to make new resolutions.

The New Year is psychologically a natural time to make new resolutions. Energetically it is a hard time to make new resolutions, so energy balancing can make a real difference in generating the Will to successfully develop new habits.

Holiday treats ruin our ability to create better rhythms

New habits mean establishing new rhythms. The ability to maintain health rhythms in mind and body both depend on Spleen Qi.  Guess what? All the sugary treats that go along with the holidays trash our Spleen Qi and set us up for failure in our resolutions.

The dietary excesses of the holiday season inspire our resolutions to eat better and exercise more AND deplete our energy/Qi reserves making it harder than ever to stick to our new rhythms. Energy balancing can help to restore our Spleen Qi and our ability to create new habits.

Ever Wonder if You are Good Enough to Deserve Health? Or Success?

I’ll be honest: I do – as in I wonder. Some days I look at the gifts the Universe has given me and I wonder why I am not using them more fully. And other days I wallow in the self-doubt that tells me vibrant health and success are only for some mysterious club of special people that I am not a member of.  Inability to have faith in Divine Will is a Qi imbalance, and we can work on that with Accunect.

If any of the above speaks to you, and if you would like 2017 to be a year where you set achievable resolutions that you keep, then join me for a free call on New Year’s Day. If you like that call, sign up for the whole series beginning on January 15th.

For more information, read the Habits for Health and Wealth page.

To signup for the free call or to signup for the whole series:
Sign Me Up For the Free Call

The first call is free, but changing habits takes Qi/Energy and support so there’s a whole series of four calls. The first introductory call is free, the rest of the series is a package of three calls for $90.

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New Blog

Welcome to my new blog.

I’ve just recently put together so that I can have a voice that is more personal than the blog that I write for Every time I read an article about anything to do with health, I find myself comparing the content of the article with my perspective on the issue based on my 27 years of studying and practicing Chinese Medicine. There’s just so many things where I find myself thinking that people should have access to a different or fuller perspective on the issue. Well that’s what I think when I’m relatively calm. There are some topics where I see so much pain and suffering arising out of ignorance that I get a little angry and find myself thinking “If you’re a doctor you’re supposed to keep up on your reading! This is so basic, how can anyone who is well read not know this?”

I’m entitled to my opinions, but some of them just aren’t really related to the theory and practice of Accunect, they’re just my opinions. So I hold back those topics from the blog. But on the off chance that anyone finds my opinions interesting, here is my new blog. I may experiment with turning on comments to see how well the spam filter in WordPress screens out robots posting ads. But until I decide to turn on comments, if you have a question or comment, or want me to post on a particular topic, just email me at