Journey Home Adrenal Series

Tired? Are you sure you would know if you were?

Sometimes people say that after a session with me they experience a period of tiredness, maybe they go to bed early and need to have an uncharacteristically long sleep

My response to their fatigue is always YAY!

Lots of people know they are in a state of Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Exhaustion. They’re burned out, can only focus for a few hours a day, the joy has gone out of life and everything feels like a struggle or that it takes too much effort. They don’t have any reserve Qi left and all the problems look bigger than their energy.

A lot of people have burned up most of their reserve energy/Qi but don’t realize it.  They still have some reserves left, but they are “running on fumes.” But they’ve gotten so used stimulating there body to release their reserve energy that they never realize that they are tired and they’ve stopped being able to read their body’s signals that they are tired. I’ve been reading people’s energy for many years and I see lots of people who are actually exhausted but so used to running on adrenal energy they don’t even realize it.

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As they start to come back into balance, they are less likely to “hit the adrenal mode button” and more likely to realize they are tired and more likely to have deeper and more restful sleep. When this starts to happen, they complain about being tired and I explain that experiencing tiredness is the first step towards a more balanced life and more energy/Qi reserves. That’s why I cheer when they “complain.”

This healing webinar series continues where the Digestion Series left off.  That series focused on improving the digestion so that we can make more Qi. We also need to get better at resting and not overspending our Qi and resisting the urge to spend reserve energy everyday.

Join me for an exploration and balancing of some of the common bodymindspirit imbalances that contribute to adrenal exhaustion.

As always, I’ll discuss some of the issues from a Chinese Medicine perspective, and then do an Accunect balancing for the group.

The calls will be on Sundays: June 18th, July 2nd, and July 16th, all at 9pm London time.

  • 4pm Eastern
  • 3pm Central
  • 2pm Mountain
  • 1pm Pacific
  • 10am Hawaii

Mondays down under

  • 8am Auckland
  • 6am Sydney, Brisbane

If you can’t make the call live, replay will available shortly after the call.

You can join the webinar either by video conference or you can call in by phone in to listen

I’m still holding the price low at $90 for all three sessions, which is only $30 and hour for powerful healing.

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